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The Gem Paradise

 Sri-Lanka has been long known as the land of the gems. Truly some of the finest quality gemstones are found in this region. These national treasures include a vast variety of Sapphires such as Ruby, Padparadscha and Blue Sapphire. This Island is also well known for Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl, Aquamarine, Spinel, Tourmaline, Garnet, Moonstone & more.



" Baba Gems specializes in Natural Gemstones and Jewelry from the beautiful and gem popular country of Sri-lanka."


For more than 50 years, Baba Gems Sri-lanka has established a well-known reputation with loyal customers all over the world. Our primary focus has always been on the quality of our natural gemstones. Each gem is carefuly selected to suit and satisfy the needs of our clients.


In the recent years, there has been a growing demand for Sri-lankan colored gemstones and you can be assured that our natural gemstones are of par excelent quality as we provide a certificate from reputable gem istituitions.


We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions or

enquiries of our products and services.


   Best Wishes from Baba Gems

     Hussain S. Baba
 (Managing Director)
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